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Custom Order

In this space you can order a piece made exclusively for you. Whether it is the representation of a Saint, the Bride and Groom personalized for their marriage or the famous Consecrated Families, each sculpture is performed by Mané Pupo with much Love and dedication. 

In the case of the Consecrated Families, each is unique, carved in stoneware and caring and in the image of a royal family. Some physical and personality traits are recorded, but above all love and complicity.
You should send some pictures of family members to portray and a brief description of the general physical characteristics (hair type, glasses, beard, etc.) as well as interpersonal relationships.
The pieces are signed and dated and carry the unique and exclusive part certificate. 

Leave us your request and fill in your details so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

To give you a unique and exclusive piece, we need some personal information as well as your request. You will soon receive a contact by e-mail or phone.