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Cookie Policy

Rosa Malva considers the privacy of its customers and users very seriously, complying with the European legislation in force in terms of the processing of personal data and privacy. HA + ARCHITECTS adopts best practices in order to protect user data against unauthorized access and unauthorized use.

The data collected on this website are intended to:
  • Customize the website according to your location / language preferences so that it is more convenient for users to browse this website;
  • Respond to requests for contact from users;
  • Collect and analyze anonymous traffic data via external statistics services that enable us to improve this website. The data collected on this website is not provided to external entities and is used only to satisfy user requests, respond to contacts or product communication.
Cookies are small text files stored on a user's device when visiting certain websites. On subsequent visits, the file is sent back to the website that originated it, thereby allowing you to identify a user's preferences. The use of cookies is now common practice on most websites, especially since the rise of e-commerce.

On this website, when authorized by the user, the following cookies are used:
  • Customization cookies - allow us to remember your preferences for your location / language. Thus, on subsequent visits the user will not have to be always selecting these options, making the visit easier.
  • Statistics Cookies - let us understand by collecting usage statistics, how users navigate our website and how we can improve your website experience and functionality. We use Google Analytics, one of the most commonly used and reliable statistics services, to help us collect this information. The information collected, such as pages visited or time spent on the website, does not allow to identify specific users since the visits are anonymous.